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& Immersions

To dive deep into a specific topic, together with other people in the safety and comfort of a group, can be a transformational experience. Your own learning proces is will be powered and supported by a group of fellow 'travelers of life'. In each one of us is hidden an enormous wisdom, not only in the one that is sitting on the teacher's spot. This 'group wisdom' is one of the gifts you will encounter when becoming part of such a group.

In the workshops there is a lot of space for what the group brings in, for what starts to move, and therefor... for the power of life itself! As much as possible I choose power places for the workshops, that enhance this experience even more.

In the different workshops, you embark on a trip together with other beautiful people towards the true love and essence within you. 


If you preker a very personal and intimate training, as an individual or as a couple, we can set up an emmersion training. We dive deep into a specific topic and during an intensive time, you will be soaked into the topic you need at that moment. Together we discuss how we can organise this practically: at your house, at my place, on the other end of the world, ... a lot is possible, everything can be discussed. 


(Most of the workshop descriptions are in Dutch, but for every workshop you can read a English translation under the text in Dutch.)

Interested to host one of these workshops/trainings in your country? Please let me know!

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