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About me

I am Martine Florus and my own path to self-love led me around the world. I lived in Hawaii, came to deep self-healing in India and Africa and met inspirational teachers in Belgium, Thailand and America. In between these adventures, I resided in Belgium, my homeland, and this is where I also currently live. I can roughly divide my life story into two parts: before and after Hawaii:


Before Hawaï

Since my childhood, I’ve been asking myself questions like "Who am I? Why is my life so difficult?".  I realised that I not only hurt myself but also hurt others. I was disappointed in myself. I immersed myself in sports in order to avoid dealing with my feelings but this only provided temporary relief as soon my problems became more prominent. A wise person then sent me to a sexuologist, but, although it wasn’t my “cup of tea”, it did lead me to the book “Tao of the Woman”. Every fiber in my body screamed denial and wanted to say "No thank you", except for a small, persistent voice that came from deep within myself ... I ended up with Katrien Laurens. "You have to connect with your body”, she told me, and that's when I started 4-Dimensional Life and Bodywork (now Life Projects) training. The whole training was an inner battle. I wanted to walk away, but that little voice inside me knew it was the right thing for me to do. So I persisted, became bodyworker, and then followed numerous other courses including Shiatsu, Avatar and Tao.

After Hawaï

Despite all the training and "personal growth-work", however, I kept wondering why my sexual energy was blocked, and why I continued to struggle in relationships. Kathleen Zwakhoven took me to Hawaii. This amazing paradise and the wisdom I gathered there, transformed me as a person and I often returned there.  This place was so inspirational and magnetic that I actually ended up living there for an extended period of time. In Maui, the ‘energy of the heart' is incredibly powerful, and this was instrumental to the shadow work around sexuality that I was doing. I followed numerous trainings including NAH, Tantric Love, and Sexual Healing and learned to feel, cultivate and connect my sexual energy with my heart. Caroline Muir was a great inspiration during this journey.
I discovered that I did not have to try to live up to what I assumed were other people’s expectations. I discovered that the quiet voice inside myself was the true ME and that, if I followed that voice, everything was good, both for myself and for others. I finally accepted the purity and the love that is deep within myself that I had been denying for so long ... 


Do you also want to learn to connect love and sexuality?

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