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  Magical Journeys

More and more I am coming to the conclusion that simplicity and purity gives the deepest experience toward transformation.

More than ever, humanity needs acceptance, touch and unconditional love.

Nature, and especially animals, have that unconditionality in them. 

I love power places immensely. These vortex places are places in the world where the veil between heaven and earth is virtually nonexistent. These places help us remember who we REALLY are, bringing you as a human being, naturally into your authentic BEING.


Glastonbury: the mystery of Avalon

A world of fairies, where according to Celtic mythology, a fairy is able to take on other forms and shapes.

The footprints of Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Joseph of Arimathea, Mother Mary and their enlightened ancestors, have really left traces here. Also, 2 ley lines run around the Tor, the Mary line- female and the Michael line- male line.

On each line is a spring, the White Spring, male white water and the Chalice Well, the female spring with the red water.

Glastonbury with its rich history of spiritual pilgrimages, its magical healing energies and sacred sites. Just because this is the heart chakra of the world, the Sacred Feminine is truly celebrated here. 

All this and so much more, makes Glastonbury an ideal place to bring women together to help them remember  

as healers, mothers, high priests etc...

Together with Amrita Grace I organize an annual retreat here, read more at the link below.


Sataya in Egypt is also such a place but in a very different way. Here there seems to be no past or future, you are NOW.

It makes it so much easier to feel that unconditional love in your heart and be in your inner space.

Not coincidentally, this is where the wild dolphins come to rest and play during the day after a night of hunting for food in the Red Sea.

That combined with body work, meditations and the right guidance, creates an opportunity for personal transformation.

These trips are on demand. When you have a group or have interest to go, pleas let me know by sending an emial.

The Chalice well

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