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Individual sessions


What is holding you back in loving yourself (and as a result loving others)?

This is the fundamental topic we dive into during an individual session. Together we explore what approach suits you best for your 'question'. That's the reason why I don't have a fixed program. I do have a rich suitcase, filled with wisdom, techniques, and methods that I integrated in my own body after studying for over 2 decades. I no longer 'do' techniques, but instead I work from the wisdom that springs from my heart and pelvis.

To give you a little idea of what we might do, this is the content of my suitcase:

NAH sessions
(Nurturing Awakening Healing)


Deep transforming intense sessions where your sexual power is touched directly, in deep contact with your heart and whole being. In this session we use Chakra Healing, massage,... and other forms of healing. There are many options available to you: internal, external, clothing optional.

(shiatsu, 4d bodywork, cranio, cosmic healing)

Together, with conscious touch and presence,we wake up those parts of you that are sleeping or carry an old charge. In doing so it will allow your original potential  to shine forth. 

(by Skype, or at my practice)


What is holding you back? What thoughts, emotional strategies or patterns do you use unconsciously, and what do you need to reach your greatest potential? 

Tantra & sessions for couples
(Tantric Love, NAH,...)

This involves intense training to learn how to feel the pure ecstatic love energy in your own body. From this pureness, you learn how to feel this flow of energy when you are together with your partner. Tantra also touches your greatness, and enlarges not only your sexual but also your spiritual field. 

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