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 Dolphin Journey
Be the Magic

In 2022, I had the privilege of experiencing not 1 but 2 dolphin trips to Egypt.

What started as a "prospecting vacation" turned into "being bitten by the dolphin virus".

The purity of the place Sataya, the unconditionality of the wild dolphins, the guidance of Bob Hense and the support of the crew on the boat, has awakened so much in me.

My life project is clear again. I remember who I am in essence. 

As a child I was always running around singing, over the years that joy and playfulness had faded far into the background.

Expressing myself in words or through sound was difficult. Now I have found my voice again in many different ways.

It has helped me enormously to get my LIFE PROJECT even clearer. 

Guiding people in a simple, playful and pure way to their true essence, so they can experience and live their own light.

can experience and live their own light.

Nature, power places and animals are a beautiful support because we REALLY ARE!


What can you expect?

A boat trip from the harbor to the beautiful Sataya reef. The reef is 7 km long and 2 km wide.

This is where we will anchor for the rest of e week. On the reef, dolphins come to play, feed and rest during the day.

Which gives us the opportunity to swim with the dolphins. a unique place the peace so falls on you.

The underwater world on the reef is magnificent for those who love snorkeling.

So lots of sun and sea!

This adventure is supported by bodywork (learning to apply it to yourself and, if you wish, to others as well), contemplation, meditation and other techniques that provide depth and integration.

  • Do you long for purity, insight and peace?

  • Do you wish to know, experience and anchor your core value in yourself?

  • Do you need more space in your body and playfulness in your heart?


We design these trips on demand. So if you are interested or if you have a group let us know.

If you have more questions be sure to contact us.

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